ASSC Photo Contest!

The Archaeological Society of South Carolina (ASSC) invites all members to participate in its first-ever photo contest. Entry is free and winning photos will be published in a 2022 calendar and on the ASSC website. Proceeds from the sale of these calendars will go to supporting the Grant-In-Aid student scholarship fund. The deadline for submission is Monday, November 1st.


  1. Fieldwork
  2. Labwork
  3. Archaeological Site
  4. Object Photo (includes artifacts, equipment/technology, 3D models, maps/graphics)
  5. Community Engagement Photo
  6. Social Photo (please ensure content is appropriate for all audiences)
  7. Calendar Cover Photo (no theme restrictions, but should highlight ASCC and South Carolina archaeology broadly)

Submission Guidelines

  • The limit for submissions is one (1) photo per category and four (4) photos overall per person. This is to allow everyone the chance to have their photo selected for the calendar.
  • Submissions for the calendar cover does not count toward the 4-photo limit.
  • If a photo involves fieldwork or labwork for a project for which you are not the Principal Investigator, the PI needs to consent to its submission.
  • If a photo includes people who can be readily identified from the image (i.e., faces are in the shot), they must consent to its submission. Photos may still be submitted if consent is denied provided that identifying information is blurred/cropped out.
  • Photos may not include unflattering or discriminatory depictions of individuals, sites, or facilities.
  • When submitting your photo, please include the following information:
    • Photo files must be submitted as .jpeg, .tiff, or .png files
    • File names should be formatted as “Category#_Firstname Lastname_2021” (e.g., “1_John Smith_2021)
    • All photo submissions should be accompanied by a caption that includes the names of those in the photograph and a brief description or quote
  • Photos and captions/quotes should be emailed to  Multiple submissions can be included within the same email.

Voting Guidelines and Selection Process

  • Voting will open on Monday, November 15th after the submission deadline closes. A link to the poll will be emailed out to our membership and posted on our Facebook page. 
  • Voters will select one (1) winner and one (1) runner-up for each category. Only one (1) winner will be selected for the calendar cover. You may only vote once.
  • Winners will be determined based on majority vote.

Any questions can be directed to

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