The society holds several events each year. All members are welcome to help volunteer in society events. If you are interested in being a part of events, please contact the chair of the committee you are interested in helping and our representative will get in touch with you.

Current Society Committees

Conference Committee
Chair: Keith Stephenson (dkstephe@mailbox.sc.edu)
Members: James Stewart, Karen Smith, Stacey Young, Carl Steen

Responsibility: Organizing the annual ASSC conference. Participation may include: helping set up the day of the event, organizing materials, recruiting presenters, develop schedule.

Fall Field Day Committee
Chair: Chris Moore (cmoore@srarp.org)
Members: BJ Clifford, James Stewart, Keith Stephenson, Rebecca Shepherd

Responsibility: Organizing the annual ASSC Fall Field Day. Participation may include: helping set up the day of the event, organizing materials, working a stand the day of the event, developing schedule.

Field Project Committee
Chair: Ryan Sipe (ryanosipe@gmail.com)
Members: Savannah Hulon, Karen Smith

Responsibility: Help organize and participate in field projects led by ASSC.

Grant-in- aid Committee
Chair: Savannah Hulon (Savannah.hulon@gmail.com), Ramona Grunden, Kenneth Kelly
Members: Karen Smith, Rebecca Shepherd

Responsibility: Help find ways to generate additional funds for the grant-in-aid program. Participation may include developing ideas for fundraisers, working booths, contacting donors, or helping find candidates who may receive fundraising.

Merchandise Committee
Chair: Ryan Sipe (ryanosipe@gmail.com).
Members: BJ Clifford, Bach Pham

Responsibility: Participation may include working booths to sell ASSC goods and developing ideas for new merchandise.

Outreach Committee 
Chair: Josh Chaplin (Chaplin.josh@yahoo.com), Chan Funk

Responsibility: Help promote ASSC! Volunteers may help find material for ASSC’s social media and also work to help promote the society at different events and venues such as farmer’s markets, schools, or other public places.

Website Committee 
Chair: Josh Chaplin (Chaplin.josh@yahoo.com)
Members: Rebecca Shepherd, Bach Pham

Responsibility: Help maintain the ASSC website and develop new ideas for improving the page as a whole.