February 17th, 2017: USC Anthropology Department Colloquium with Conference Keynote Speakers Elizabeth J. Reitz and Martha A. Zierden

cowWhat: Colloquium talk at the USC department of anthropology
Gambrell Hall, Room 412, USC
3:00 PM

Our keynote speakers will be visiting the USC department of anthropology on February 17th to give a lecture on “Cattle Bones and Lineage in Charleston, SC.” Please come join us for this free lecture. Information on the talk below:

European colonists settling Carolina in the late 17th century encountered a bountiful land. The colonists immediately planted herds of domestic cattle and they thrived in the pinewoods, canebrakes, and marshes of the lowcountry. The free-ranging cattle were tough, resourceful, and adapted to hot, humid environments where pasturage was scarce.

Three decades of archaeological excavation and zooarchaeological analysis of sites in the city demonstrates that the lowcountry diet was dominated by beef.  Information on the lineage of Carolina cattle is derived from measurements of complete bones and analysis of recovered horn cores.  These ongoing studies suggest the lineage of Carolina cattle was diverse, and Charleston cattle do not conform to a standard breed.  Archaeological and documentary evidence suggests this diversity derives in part from the mixing of animals from Spanish Florida with English stock through raids, trade, and the capture of feral cattle.


Final Program for the ASSC Conference

43rd Annual Conference of the Archaeological Society for South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina

February 18, 2017
Gambrell Hall, Room 153
University of South Carolina

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8:00 am Registration

Karen Y. Smith
Spanish Mount Point Recovery, Artifact Exhibit Table

Palmer, David
Poster presentation: Archaeological Investigation of the Brookgreen Plantation, South Carolina: Early Results of the May 2016 Coastal Carolina University-Brookgreen Gardens Field School

9:00 am David Jones
Archaeological Investigations in South Carolina State Parks: A Review of the Fires Extinguished, and the Ones Inadvertently Started!

9:15 am Nicole Isenbarger
Digging Deeper: New Beginnings in the Colonial History of South Carolina

9:30 am Larry James
The Archaeological Investigation of St. George Parish Church and Church Yard, Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site, Summerville, SC

9:45 am Mary Mikulla
Exploring Life in Colonial Dorchester: Providing Opportunities for Public Education and Engagement

10:00 am refreshment break

10:15 am Stacey L. Young
Hampton Plantation State Historic Site: 1971-2017 a Compilation

10:30 am Brooke Brilliant
Sherd is the Word: A Summary of Current Colonoware Research from Hampton Plantation State Park

10:45 am Susan J. Bergeron
Virtual Heritage and Spatial Storytelling: Developing the Virtual Hampton Immersive Exploration Platform

11:00 am Lamar Nelson
Walkers Mill and the Recovery of the Running Stone

11:15 am Dan Bell
Who is Buried in Beaufort?

11:30 am to 1:00 pm lunch break

1:00 to 1:30 pm business meeting and awards

1:30 pm Jamie Koelker
From Screen to Screen: Growing Your Community with Video

1:45 pm Natalie A. Pope, Tracy Martin, and Bill Green
Blacksmithing for Fun and Profit: Archaeological Investigations at 31NH755

2:00 pm Al Goodyear
Brier Creek as a Locality in the Allendale-Brier Creek Clovis Complex

2:15 pm Bob Costello
Surface Archaeology of Upper Lake Marion, a Retrospective and Recent Developments

2:30 pm Joseph E. Wilkinson
Modeling Early Archaic Mobility and Subsistence: Quantifying Resource Cost and Risk

2:45 pm Jessica Cooper
Yadkin Technology and the Bow and Arrow in the Savannah River Valley

3:00 pm refreshment break

3:15 pm Christopher Judge
A Model for Evaluating the Hypothesized Decline in Basal Width of Triangular Projectile Points through Time: Early Woodland to Protohistoric

3:30 pm Martin P. Walker and David G. Anderson
The Atlantic Slope Late Precontact Research Project: Updates on the Late Precontact Occupations at the Topper Site (38AL23)

3:45 pm Lamar Nelson
The Fisher Site and its Mysteries

4:00 to 5:00 pm Keynote Speakers, Martha A. Zierden and Elizabeth J. Reitz
Provisioning the City: Foodways in Charleston as Revealed through Archaeology