Preliminary Program for 2018 ASSC Conference

44th Annual Conference of the Archaeological Society of South Carolina
February 17, 2018
Gambrell Hall, Room 153
University of South Carolina, Columbia Campus

Registration opens at 8:00 AM

Morning Session Papers
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Recent Investigations at the Pockoy Shell Rings (38Ch2533), Pockoy Island, Charleston County
Thaddeus G. Bissett, Michael Russo, Sean G. Taylor, and Martin P. Walker

How Many Pots on a South Carolina Shell Midden? Experiments in the Use of pXRF to Calculate MNV
Sydney James and Carolyn Dillian

Hardin Hafted Biface Technology in South Carolina and Across the Eastern United States
Joseph E. Wilkinson

The Mack Point: More Than a South Carolina Projectile Point Type
Albert C. Goodyear

Ground and Drilled Stone Gorgets from the Johannes Kolb (38DA75) and Savannah Edge Sites (38DA105)
Christopher Judge

Form Follows Function: Some Insights Gleaned from Analysis of Selected Small Lithic Tools
Robert C. Costello and Kenneth E. Steffy

Native American Archaeology of Hitchcock Woods: Results of the 2015-2017 Phase 1 Archaeological Survey
Bobby Southerlin

History and Industry in the Hitchcock Woods
By Carl Steen

Early Railroading in the Hitchcock Woods
Howard Wayt

Afternoon Session Papers
1:30 to 6:00 PM

Unlocking the Locks – Phase 1
Drew Ruddy

The Woodland to Mississippian Transition: Updates on the Late Precontact Occupations at the Topper Site (38AL23), Allendale, SC
Martin P. Walker, Megan Belcher, Cayla C. Colclasure, Kathryn McKenna, and David G. Anderson

Field Slave Quarters Discovered at Historic Brattonsville Plantation, York County, SC
Gregory M. Lamb and J. Christopher Gillam

History of the Hilton Head Chapter
George Stubbs

History of the Foothills Chapter
Lamar Nelson

50 Years in Avocational Underwater Archaeology
Drew Ruddy

Dear Sister: Postcards from The Society for Georgia Archaeology
Rita Elliott

Keynote Presentation

Emerging from Swamps Deemed Impassable’: Archaeological Discovery of the Revolutionary War Battle of Purysburg, South Carolina
Rita Elliott