Story Map Project

Welcome to the home of for the society’s Story Map projects. Here you will find our story map projects highlighting South Carolina archaeology. These are free and available for public use. Whether in the classroom or sharing with friends, family, or the public, we hope the story map helps provide enriching content for your archaeology community.

Intro to Avocational Archaeology
In our first ever Story Map, we explore the history of Avocational Archaeology in South Carolina. We go through what it means to be an avocational archaeologist and highlight a few names that have made significant contributions to archaeology in the state. We also list influential archaeology sites that avocational archaeologists have been able to play a large role.

Sites Featured:
Kolb Site
Topper Site
Dill Sanctuary
Sea Pines Shell Ring

People Featured:
Bill Turner
Juliana Falk
Drew Ruddy

The Avocational Archaeology Story Map is a project we’ll be continuing to build on through the years. Please let us know if you have information or ideas on how to continue growing the map at