SC Antiquities

South Carolina Antiquities is the scholarly journal published by the ASSC since 1969. The journal contains contributed papers, book reviews and other information on the prehistoric and historic archaeology of South Carolina and adjacent states.  The journal includes articles on related subjects that are of interest to the general public, avocational and professional archaeologists.

The journal is mailed to ASSC members annually. Back issues of the journal are available for download or purchase. Volumes are placed online five years after publication.

Call for Papers

The Archaeological Society of South Carolina invites professional and avocational archaeologists to contribute to the annual, peer-reviewed journal South Carolina Antiquities. Members may submit research articles, notes from the field, or book reviews. Contributions to the journal are not limited in scope to South Carolina and may feature the archaeology of adjacent states or issues of archaeological practice.

South Carolina Antiquities conforms to the current style guide published by the Society for American Archaeology. All tables, figures, and images should be submitted as separate files and images must be in individual jpeg files with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Articles should be submitted to the editor for review no later than July 15, 2022.

If you are interested in writing a book review for the journal, please contact the journal editor Jessica M Cooper at to request a book to review.

South Carolina Antiquities is currently seeking peer-reviewers. If you are interested in being a peer-reviewer for the journal, please contact the journal editor Jessica M Cooper at

ASSC Antiquities Archive

1969 – Volume 1
M.J. Green, Editor.
Paleo Evidence in Marion County, T. J. Edwards;
The Amateur Archeologist, J. L. Michie; Stirring Up Local Interest, T. J. Edwards; Beveled Points, J. L. Michie.
Historic Sites in Aiken County,  J.W. Joseph Jr and P. N. Joseph;
The Spirit of Worthwhile Collecting, H.M. Wormington
Site Selection – Where Do I Start?, T.J. Edwards
1970 – Volume 2
M. J. Green, Editor.
Origins of the Catawba Indians, W. E. Jones.
The Exceptional Child Finds the Prize, T.J. Edwards;
Ancient Projectile Point Types Found in South Carolina, J.L. Michie;
Exploring the Personal Side of History, T.L. Edwards;
Civil War Well Revisited, Floyd Painter.
1971 – Volume 3
E. G. Waddell, Editor.
Slight of Hand, T. J. Edwards;
It’s the Real Thing, W. D. Wood;
A Ceramic Sequence for the Coastal Plain, E.G, Waddell.
Cremation Site Found in Richland County, W.D. Floyd Sr.
Amateurs and Professionals Team-Up to Salvage Fort Moore, J.W. Joseph Jr.
Identification of Coastal Plain Pottery, T.J. Edwards and E.G. Waddell.
1972 – Volume 4
J. L. Michie, Editor.
The Edgefield Scraper, J. L. Michie;
A Cache of Projectile Points from Bamberg County, A. R. Paler;
Early Man in the South Atlantic States, E. Thomas Hemmings;
A Preliminary Report on the Excavations at the Cal Smoak Site, S. T. Lee and A. R. Parler;
A Preliminary Report on Excavations at Coker Springs, J.W. Joseph Jr.
1973 – Volume 5
J. L. Michie, Editor.
Archeological Indications for Sea Level 3,500 Years Ago, J. L. Michie;
Burin-Faceted Dalton Point From Central SC, J. L Michie;
Trade of the Lower Creeks in the Pre-Revolution Era. E. M. Mann;
A Functional Interpretation of the Dalton Projectile Point in South Carolina, J.L. Michie;
A Study in the Manufacture of Early Aboriginal Pottery in the Edisto Region of South Carolina, M.B. Trinkley;
A Preliminary Analysis of Ceramic Materials Recovered from the Spanish Mount Site, Edisto Island, South Carolina, D.R. Sutherland
1974 – Volume 6
J. L. Michie, Editor.
No. 1. Excavations at Marett Mound, Edisto Island, M. B. Trinkley;
Excavations at the Spanish Mount Shell Midden, Edisto Island, D. R. Sutherland;
A Second Burial from the Daw’s Island Shell Midden (38BU91), J. L. Michie.
No. 2. Issue 2. Prehistoric Mica Mines in the Southern Appalachians, L. Ferguson.
Excavations at Thom’s Creek (38LX2), M. B. Trinkley
1975 – Volume 7
J. L. Michie, Editor.
No. 1. Proceedings of the First Annual Conference on SC Archeology; No. 2. Fort Congaree on the Carolina Frontier, D. G. Anderson;
The Necessity of Problem-Orientation in Archeological Excavations, M. B. Trinkley
1976 – Volume 8
W. Neighbors, Ed.
Proceedings of the Second Annual Conference on South Carolina Archeology, multiple authors;
The Surfside Springs Site: A Possible Association Between Early Man and Extinct Fauna, N. Wright;
What is Archaeology?, M.B. Schiffer;
Evidence of a Water Source for Marrett Mound (38CH110), Edisto Island, South Carolina, M.B. Trinkley;
The Anne King Gregorie Collection, W.L. Koob Jr.
1977 – Volume 9
W. Neighbors, Ed.
Excavation of Coker Spring, Aiken, J. W. Joseph;
Historical Research for Archeologists, E. B. Bull.
A History of Prehistoric Archaeological Investigations in the Coastal Plain of South Carolina, D.G. Anderson.
1978 – Volume 10
W. Neighbors, Ed.
Contemporary Patterns of Material Culture or Hansel and Gretel in the Modern World: Following the Trail of Pull Tabs to “The Pause that Refreshes, S. South;
Dr. William Blanding and the History of SC Archeology, W. R. Ferrell;
The Brown’s Ferry Vessel, R. L Wilbanks;
Prehistoric Lithic Material Sources and Types in South Carolina: A Preliminary Statement, L. Novick;
Windy Ridge: A Prehistoric Site in the Inter-Riverrine Piedmont of South Carolina, J.H. House and R.W. Wogaman;
Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology Celebrates 10th Anniversary at Carolina, no author;
Lithic Material Sources and Types in SC, L. Novick.
No. 2. Testing at the Edenwood Site, 38LX135
Lexington County, J. L. Michie;
Investigations at Two Sites on the Broad and Congaree Rivers, A. C. Goodyear & D. J. Colquhoun.
1979 – Volume 11
W. Neighbors, Ed.
In Memoriam: Roy J. Lyons (1906-1979), A. Goodyear;
In Memoriam: Richard Wingate Lloyd (1904-1980),
R.L. Stephenson;
Excavations in the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge
, D. G. Anderson & S. R. Claggett
Indians on the Savannah River, D. Hollingsworth.
1980 – Volume 12
W. Neighbors, Ed.
Progress in Archaeological Investigations of Corps of Engineers Projects in South Carolina, W. Marquardt;
A Savannah Burial from the Lewis Creek Site, GA, W. Neighbors & T. A. Rathbun;
The Middle Stone Age: The Antiquity of Man; D. Clark;
1981 – Volume 13
W. Neighbors, Ed.
Jeremy-Pee Dee Ceramic Series along the SC Coast
, M. B. Trinkley;
A Site on the Savannah River Phase near Rocky Ford, G. A. Bartsch;
Human Remains As Archeological Resources, T. A. Rathbun;
1982 – Volume 14
W. Neighbors, Ed.
Excavations at the Gregg Shoals Site, Elbert Co., GA
, V. A. Tippett & W. H. Marquardt;
Sara South of the Border, J. H. Wilson; Excavations at 38LU107, Rabon Creek Watershed, W. D. Wood & T. H. Gresham; Square Type Meeting House of MA and SC, S. M. Straight;
Archaeology of Tenancy in the SE, D. G. Anderson & J. Muse;
Cremated Human Remains from the Bluff Site, Daufuskie Island, M. C. Taylor.
1983 – Volume 15
W. Neighbors, Ed.
Pinckney Island Survey: Cord-marked Pottery
, C. O. Bradley;
St. Catherines Pottery from Callawassie Island, Beaufort Co
., M. J. Brooks;
Early Woodland Ceramic Typology of the Second Refuge Site, Jasper Co., L. Lepionka;
Ceramic Sequence from Mattassee Lake Sites, D. G. Anderson;
Ceramics of the Central SC Coast, M. Trinkley;
Deep Creek Ceramics from the Inner Coastal Plain, L. M. Drucker;
Excavations at the Mulberry Site, C. Merry & S. Pekrul;
Whites Creek, H. T. Ward;
Hillsboro & Caraway Series of NC, J. H. Wilson;
Wachesaw & Kimbel Series, M. Trinkley.
1984 – Volume 16
N. Honerkamp & M. Zierden, Eds.
Special Issue, Archaeological Approaches to Urban Society: Charleston, SC.

An Archaeological Research Design for the City of Charleston, South Carolina, M.A. Zierden and J.A. Calhoun;
Urban Archaeology in Charleston: A Museum Interpretation, M.A. Zierden;
The Slave Tag: An Artifact of Urban Slavery, T.A. Singleton;
“Historical” versus “Archaeological” Dietary Patterns on the Southeastern Coastal Plain, E.J. Reitz and N. Honerkamp;
World Enough and Time: Ethnobotany and Historical Archaeology, M.A. Zierden and M. Trinkley.

1986 – Volume 18
C. DePratter, Ed.
Archaeology at Elfe Plantation, M. Trinkley; Ashley Plantation, R. Brooks;
Slave Settlement & Community Patterns along the Cooper River, L. Ferguson;
Rural-Urban Connections in the Lowcountry, M. Zierden;
Directions for Research on Southern Plantations, A. Friedlander;
Edgefield Potters: The Landrums of Pottersville, J. L. Holcombe & Fred E. Holcombe.
1987 – Volume 19
K. Sassaman, Ed.
Archaic Stage Change at the Nipper Creek Site, Richland Co., R. Y. Wetmore; Archaeology of Task Labor, J. W. Joseph; Plantation Ideology & the Archaeology of Racism: Tanner Road Site, Berkeley Co., David W. Babson;
Status Patterning & Recycling Behavior on Richmond Hill Plantation, Georgetown Co., J. L. Michie.
1988 – Volume 20
C. Judge, Ed.
Special Issue: Public Involvement in Archaeology – Papers from ASSC SymposiumIntroduction to the Role of Volunteers in Archaeology,

C. Judge;
Working with Volunteers in Sunny Southeast Ireland, S.W. Green;
Volunteers: Our Foundation in Archaeology, Kimberly Grimes;
The Past and Present: African-American Archaeology in Charleston, South Carolina, M.A. Zierden;
Public Archaeology at the Schiele Museum: The Carolina Piedmont Project, J.A. May;
Reconstructing a Lower Catawba River Aboriginal House: Considerations of Form and Application of Method, S. Watts;
Professional Avocational Interaction: A Review of Twelve Years of Activity at the SCIAA-SRARP, South Carolina, G. Lewis;
The South Carolina Hobby Diver Program, C. Amer and C. Steen;
Archaeology and the Public: Film as a Means of Communication, A. West;
Archaeology and Grade School Children; C. Judge.

1989 – Volume 21
K. Sassaman, Ed.
Bottle Glass/Ceramic Comparison: A Tool for Comparing Socioeconomic Status Levels, P. H. Garrow;
History of Pottery Manufacture in Edgefield District’s Big Horse Creek Section, J. L. Holcombe & F. E. Holcombe; Prehistoric Settlement in the Aiken Plateau, K. E. Sassaman.
1990 – Volume 22
K. Sassaman, Ed.
A Large Biface from the Phil Neeley Site, Bamberg Co., A. C. Goodyear; A Point-Bar Site on the South Edisto River, M. J. Brooks;
Bioturbation & Gravity as a Potential Site Formation Process, J. L. Michie.
1991 – Volume 23
K. Sassaman, Ed.
Investigations at the Federal Correctional Institution, Estill, Hampton County, C. H. LeeDecker & B. Resnick;
Barbacoas & Food & Tribute Storage in the Late Mississippian, C. Judge;
Adaptive Flexibility in the Morrow Mountain Phase of the Middle Archaic, K. E. Sassaman;
Early Research on Alkaline-Glazed Pottery, S. South.
1992 – Volume 24
K. Sassaman, Ed.
Copperhead Hollow: Upland Conditions in the Piedmont, J. D. Gunn & J. E. Foss; Cemetery Hill: John C. Calhoun’s Pre-Emancipation African Americans, C. Cowan-Ricks;
Slaves & Textile Manufacture: Howell Site, Richland County, M. D. Groover; Struggle for the Frontier: New Windsor Township, D. C. Crass & B. R. Penner.
1993 – Volume 25
K. Sassaman & C. Steen, Eds.
It’s More Than Just Paying Dues, G. S. Lewis;
Introduction to Special Anniversary Issue, C. Steen;
History of the ASSC, J. L. Michie;
25 Years of Prehistoric Archaeology, D. G. Anderson;
Early Prehistoric Peoples of SC, A. C. Goodyear;
Middle and Late Archaic Archaeology, K. E. Sassaman;
Woodland, Mississippian, and Protohistoric Periods, C. B. DePratter; Historical Archaeology, M. Zierden;
The Exploratory Period, S. South;
The British Colonial Period, Carl Steen;
The Early American Period & Nineteenth Century, J. W. .Joseph,
The Future, B. E. Rippeteau;
The Future, D. G. Anderson.
1994 – Volume 26
K. Sassaman, Ed.
African-American Gravestone Art & Mortuary Beliefs in Aiken Co
., M. A Cabak; The Archaeology of the Pruitt House Site, M. S. Shumate;
Lime Kilns in Laurens Co., C. A. Niewendorp;
Crosby Bay: Paleoindian & Early Archaic Occupations at a Carolina Bay in Aiken Co., Kevin Eberhard;
A Cache of Lithic Bifaces from Marion Co., J. L. Michie;
The R W. Leech Lithic Cache from Chatham Co., GA, A. C. Goodyear & T. Charles.
1995 – Volume 27
K. Sassaman, Ed.
Upcountry Planters: Archaeological Investigations of a Slave Cabin at the Bratton Farmstead, M. L. Beck;
Research at George Galphin’s Silver Bluff, D. C. Crass;
Impermanent Architecture at the Oaks Plantation, Georgetown Co., J. L. Michie; Early Archaic Assemblage from the Bates Hill Road Site, Aiken Co., A. E. DeBiase.
1996 – Volume 28
K. Sassaman, Ed.
Shell Tool Production in Charleston County, W. L. Koob;
African-American Herbal Medicine, M. D. Grover & T. E. Bauman;
Pre-Clovis: A Review of the Evidence, B. McAmis;
Operator and Tenant Farmsteads in the Aiken Plateau, M. A. Cabak & M. M. Inkrot.
1997 – Volume 29
K. Sassaman, Ed.
Bioarchaeological Investigation of Late Archaic Stallings Culture, K. J. Wilson; Settlement Organization & Resource Use in the Sandhills, T. McMakin & E. C. Poplin;
Clovis Origins, B. McAmis.
1998 – Volume 30
L. R. Hudgins, Ed.
A Paleoindian Site in the Piedmont, C. J. Rinehart;
Mississippian Ceramics in Beaufort County, C. M. Huddleston;
‘Jug Well’ Cisterns, S. A. South;
Population Increases & Maize in the Late Prehistoric Diet in the Eastern US, D. Reid;
The Telescopic Boom Hydraulic Excavator, S. A. South.
1999 – Volume 31
R. Barrera & N. Adams, Eds.
Special Issue: The Bear Creek Site: Paleoindian and Archaic Occupation in the Lower Piedmont of SC, L. O’Steen.
2000 – Volume 32
C. Judge & C. Steen, Eds.
Special Issue: The Daw’s Island Volume: A Tribute to the Career of James L. Michie
2001 – Volume 33
J. C. Gillam, Ed.
Science & Art: From Potsherds to Public Interpretation, S. South;
Ceramics on the Northern Coast: Cooter Creek, C. O. Clement;
Web-based Archaeological GIS, H. M. Gillam;
Ceramic Taphonomy & Site Formation in the Sandhills, J. M. Herbert.
2002 – Volume 34
J. C. Gillam, Ed.
The ATTIC Project, S. South;
Ceramics of the Ed Marshall Site, Edgefield County, T. Braje;
Paper Reuse in the Western NC Mountains, M. Harmon;
Periwinkle Punctation, B. D. Tucker & R. Saunders;
Indigo, Cotton & Slaves: Antebellum Period Parris Island, C. L. Shumpert.
2003 – Volume 35
C. Steen & C. Judge, Eds.
Special Issue: Archaeology at Sandstone Ledge Rockshelter.
2004 – Volume 36
N. Adams, Ed.
Plantation Landscapes & the Landscape of Plantation Ideology in the Lowcountry, J.W. Joseph;
Using Archival Collections to Understand Historic Properties, P. J. McCawley;
History of SC Plantation Archaeology & the Archaeologists Who Practice It, L. F. Stine & N. P. Adams;
Archaeology of the SC Frontier – D. C. Crass & M. Zierden;
Charleston Judicial Center Site Colonoware Production and Typology, J.W. Joseph.
2005 – Volume 37
N. Adams, Ed.
The Zorn Sites, Bamberg County – K. E. Sassaman, P. G. Nystrom & S. Zorn;
Ceramic Tea Wares in Charleston, B. Botwick;
Wando Series Ceramics, E. C. Poplin;
Professional & Avocational Archaeologists, E. Heimbrook;
Lithic Artifacts at Wilson Pond, Aiken County, W. Kubilius & K. Stephenson.
2006 – Volume 38
N. Adams, Ed.
Zooarchaeological Analysis and Lifeways on the Coast, D. M. Reid;
Phosphate Mining Industry in the Lowcountry, K. A. Shuler, R. Bailey & C. Philips;
Place and African-American Archaeology, A. Agha;
The Caribbean Influence at 1760 Charles Town, M. J. Stone
2007 – Volume 39
M. Zierden, E. J. Reitz & J.W. Joseph, Eds. Special Issue: Supplying the Colonial Markets: Archaeological Investigations of Food Distribution in the Lowcountry

Rural-Urban Connections in the Southern Colonial Market Economy: Zooarcheological Evidence from the Grange Plantation (9CH137) Trading Post and Cowpens, K. Orrand G. Lucas;
Agriculture in Colonial Charleston: Landuse, Landscape, and the Lost Colonial City,
J.W. Joseph;
Foraging and Farming in the City: Archaeobotanical Investigations Associated with the Charleston Judicial Center Data Recovery,
L.E. Raymer;
Eighteenth-Century Colonial Vertebrate Diet in Urban Charleston, South Carolina: The Charleston Judicial Center Site (38CH1708),
L. O’Steen;
Charleston’s Eighteenth-Century Beef Market: Excavations Inside City Hall,
M.A. Zierden;
Animal Remains from Eighteenth-Century Charleston Beef Market,
E.J. Reitz;
Sugar Production in Charleston: Archaeological Investigations of the Philip Meyers Sugar House,
J.W. Joseph and T.M. Hamby;
“Our Daily Bread:” The Sarah Reeves Gibbes Memoranda Book and Nineteenth-Century Charleston Market Ways,
H.R. Smith;
Zooarchaeology and the Nineteenth-Century Pork Industry: Faunal Remains from the Heroine Pork Barrel,
G.S. Lucas.

2008 – Volume 40
N. Adams, Ed.
Settlement and Land Use on Port Royal Island, B. Botwick;
Postbellum Life on Hilton Head Island, P. H. Garrow;
Testing at the Tabby Point Ruin, Callawassie Island, S. A. South;
Context for SC’s Sawmill, Timber, and Lumber Industry, B. Southerlin;
Artifact Patterns at the Florence Stockade, P. G. Avery;
African Americans at the Seibels House, T. M. Weik;
Archaeology of Mann-Simons, J. D. Crockett.
2009 – Volume 41
C. Steen, Ed.
The First 40 Years of South Carolina Antiquities, The Contributed Papers Concerning the Archaeology of South Carolina & the Southeast, 1968-2008 on DVD.
2010 – Volume 42 (List only, please see “Back Issues for Sale” page to order volume)
J. A. Barnes, Ed.
Geologic differences & the histories of North & South Carolina, J. J.W. Rogers & E. Steponaitis;
Clovis Blade Technology at the Topper Site, D. Sain.
2011 – Volume 43 (List only, please see “Back Issues for Sale” page to order volume)
J. A. Barnes, Ed.
Revisiting the Ashley-series A, J. B. Marcoux;
Alkaline Glazed Stoneware Origins, C. Steen;
Archaeology, LiDAR Aerial Survey, & Compositional Analysis of Pottery in Edgefield, G. Calfas;
An Assessment of the Historic Brattonsville Cemetery, C. Brooks;
Macroscopic Analysis of an Allendale Chert Flake Tool Assemblage from Lake Murray, B. Costello;
Atlantic Beach, Segregation & Cultural Landscape, R. Dobrasko
2012 – Volume 44 (List only, please see “Back Issues for Sale” page to order volume)
J. A. Barnes, Ed.
A Cache from Frierson Bay, Barnwell Co., C. R. Moore;
Settlement Indians of the Lowcountry, C. Steen;
Defining Wando, J. B. Marcoux & E. C. Poplin;
A Belmont Neck Phase Ceramic Assemblage, J. A. Varnier;
The St. Paul’s Parsonage House, K. Pyszka;
Archaeology of the Gullah Past, J. Barnes & C. Steen.