Hilton Head Chapter

Chapter monthly meetings are normally held on the 2nd Saturday of the month, from September to May, with the exception of December when the Christmas Social is normally held early in the month.

Meetings are held at the Hilton Head Coastal Discovery Museum on Honey Horn Plantation in the Discovery House.

The May 2023 meeting will be held Saturday, May 13th at 1:00 PM.

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Monthly Meetings

2023 Theme – Adventures in Archaeology

January – Film – The Oath of Cyriac
February – Nina Schreiner – Origins and Legacies of 19th century Archaeology
March – Johnny Dodge – Late Mississippian Pottery

April – James Stewart – The Fayetteville Arsenal and Gun Carriage Shop

May – Stacey Young – Archaeology in the SC State Parks

2022 Theme – Adventures in Archaeology
January – The Lost Kingdoms of the Black Pharaohs (film)
February – Katie Seeber – Mitchelville Freedom Park
March – Katie Epps – Bluffton Archaeology
April – Mary Socci and Katie Epps – Palmetto Bluff Cemeteries
MAY – Adam King – Cults in Mississippian Societies
September – Jim Spirek – Current Maritime Endeavors in SC Waters
October – Drs Jon Leader and Ron Anthony – What the Heck is it?
November – Carolyn Dillian – Misadventures in Archaeology

2021 Theme – Adventures in Archaeology
January – Katherine Parker – Excavating Moonshine in Hell Hole Swamp
February – Martha Zierden – Archaeology, People in Colonial Charleston
March – A film – Neanderthal, The Mystery of the Bruniquel Cave – will be shown.
April – Karen  Smith – Thom`s Creek Pottery
September – Chris Judge – Mulberry Mound on the Wateree River
October – What the Heck is it?
November – Drs. Eric Poplin and Jeff Sherard – What the Heck is it?

2020 Theme – Adventures in  Archaeology
January – Keith Stevenson – Mid Woodland Societies in SC and GA
February – James Stewart – Excavations in Savannah GA
September – Meg Galliard – Pockoy Island Shell Rings
October – Eric Poplin – 1814 privateer Midas raid on Royal Island, Bahamas
November – John Fisher – Excavating Castle Pinckney, Charleston Harbor

2019 Theme – Adventures in Archaeology
January – Rita Elliott – Revolutionary War Battle of Purysburg, SC
February – Sarah Miller – Pon Pon Chapel of Ease
March – John Goldsborough – Santa Elena
April – Sarah Miller Pon Pon Chapel of Ease and Isaac Hayne`s grave site
May – Brandy Joy – Stono Plantation Foodways
September – DNR documentary “The Ring People”
October – Drs. Jon Leader and Eric Poplin – “What the Heck is It?”
November – Square Holes documentary re Johannes Kolb site
December – Christmas Social

‘2018 Theme – Adventures in Archaeology
January – Katie Epps – Archaeology of Historic Heyward House, Bluffton, SC –
February – Rex Garniewicz – Ecological impact of Native American hunting
March – Jessica Cooper – The Adoption of the Bow and Arrow in the Savannah River Valley
April – Square Holes – documentary of the archaeology of the Johannes Kolb Site
May – Mary Socci – Archaeological sites in Palmetto Bluff
September – Tariq Ghaffar – Green`s Shell Enclosure, Hilton Head Island
October – Drs. Jon Leader and Eric Poplin – “What the Heck is It?”7
November – Joe Wilkinson – Hardin Hafted Biface
December – Christmas Social


You can find past years meeting themes here.