How to Apply

The Archaeological Society of South Carolina offers grants-in-aid up to $1,000 to any graduate student working on a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation that addresses the archaeology of South Carolina, both historic and prehistoric as well as terrestrial and underwater. Applicants must have a committee-approved topic for thesis research.

The grant application consists of the following:

  • a two page description of the research to be conducted, including the problem orientation or hypothesis and its significance, expected data, and methods to be employed
  • a budget page of anticipated expenses
  • a letter from the thesis or dissertation advisor endorsing the research project
  • the applicant’s curriculum vita
  • a cover letter of self-introduction and intent. Upon completion of the thesis or dissertation, the recipient is expected to submit for publication a summary article to the Society’s journal South Carolina Antiquities. The aid of the Archaeological Society of South Carolina should be acknowledged in any publications related to the funded research.

Upon acceptance, grants will be awarded within four weeks after the final deadline for Grant-in-Aid in the year.

Please send application materials to