Educational SC Resources

South Carolina has several wonderful programs throughout the state for those interested in archaeological educational opportunities.

Guile to Native American Pottery of South Carolina
Website dedicated to introducing users to South Carolina pottery found throughout the state by native archaeologists. A wonderful resource for both newcombers and veterans, the site takes a comprehensive look at every time period from early to historic.

The Chicora Foundation, Inc.

Educational Workshops
Chicora Foundation, Inc., a non-profit research foundation, provides educational programs for children, educational programs and curriculum guides for teachers and educational programs for adults. Site visits for individuals, groups, and school field trips.

For More Information, contact:
Chicora Foundation, Inc.
Phone:(803) 787-6910

Drayton Hall, National Trust for Historic Preservation
Public Education Programs
Drayton Hall offers hands-on programs, inquiry tours, and study projects, designed to engage students K-12 in creative problem-solving. Two curriculum coordinated archaeology programs for students in grades 4-12 are available: Plantations Excavation and Diaries in the Dirt.

For more information, contact:
Drayton Hall’s Education Department
Phone:(843) 769-2609

Sport Diver Archaeology Management Program, SC Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology/USC
Public Workshops & Annual Underwater Archaeological Field Training Courses:
The classes are composed mainly of sport divers who are interested in learning more about underwater archaeology and how to collect responsibly with a SCIAA hobby license. Field training course introduces concepts and principles in archaeology, the underwater antiquities legislations, pre-disturbance surveying methods, and artifact and site types in South Carolina.

For more information, contact:
Underwater Division, SCIAA (Charleston Office),
Phone: (843) 762-6105

South Carolina Archaeology Public Outreach Division, Inc.
Educational Programs
The South Carolina Archaeology Public Outreach Division (SCAPOD) was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2010 with a mission to encourage knowledge of the state’s archaeology to the general public through publications, public education, and museums. SCAPOD aims at achieving the mission with innovative programs and projects that connect people with South Carolina’s cultural heritage using archaeology. SCAPOD’s programs are specifically geared toward engaging people of all ages on a variety of different levels with archaeology.

For more information, contact:
Phone: (843) 319-7597