Archaeologists Working from Home: Martha Zierden

Though things are currently shutdown, South Carolina archaeologists are still finding ways to get the work done. We reached out to archaeologists during the lockdown to see how they are working from home.

Here’s Martha Zierden, curator of Historical Archaeology at the The Charleston Museum, on how she’s adapted:

“Folks at The Charleston Museum have been at home since March 26, and the Museum has been closed longer than that. I packed home a lot of files and books, and I’ve been working on site reports, particularly for our investigation of the 1780 Siege of Charleston and excavations in the rear yard of the Aiken-Rhett House. I’ve also been reading and writing drafts of revised exhibit labels. Lastly, I’ve still been in touch with my colleagues working on our NSF-funded Colonial Cattle Economy research.

You may have seen two “remote” Facebook live events on our work. We are waiting for the labs at University of Georgia to re-open.

Biggest down-side is that there is always that one book, folder, report that isn’t here. And my home computer has run out of printer ink. And I miss all my colleagues and coworkers – Archaeology is, after all, at its best when working with others!”

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