47th Annual Conference on South Carolina Archaeology – Playlist

Our entire conference is now available on YouTube for viewing! Visit the full playlist here and watch from beginning to end, or use the links below to watch specific papers. Thanks so much to all who attended the conference, and a special thank you the presenters for providing wonderful papers for this year’s virtual edition of the conference.

1. Introduction by ASSC President David Gordon
2. Going Virtual: Pro-Social Archaeology at Historic Brattonsville during the COVID-19 Pandemic
3. Using pXRF to Source Ceramic Artifacts: Low-Fired Earthenware from Brookgreen, by Alexis Widdifield, Graduate Student, Coastal Carolina University
4. The Practice and Technology of Fishing in Charleston, South Carolina
5. Keynote: North Carolina Fish Weir Archaeological Project
6. Conclusion by ASSC President David Gordon

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