On Sale Now: An Overview of Georgia Projectile Points and Selected Cutting Tools, Second Edition

Welcome to South Carolina Archaeology Month! Throughout October we’ll be sharing exciting archaeological stories and updates from all over the state and Southeast.

To celebrate the launch of our Archaeology Month, we are excited to share the announcement that the book “An Overview of Georgia Projectile Points and Selected Cutting Tools, Second Edition” by John S. Whatley and John W. Arena Jr is now on sale! The book goes into great detail on the various points found throughout Georgia. Proceeds for the book will go towards supporting the ASSC’s Grant-in-Aid program, which funds South Carolina archaeological research for graduate students.

Find the book here: https://amzn.to/3l16jnI

About the book: The state of Georgia has thousands of years of cultural history evidenced by artifacts found by both archaeologists and avocational enthusiasts. Arrowheads, or more generally projectile points, are among the most recognizable and relatable artifacts people encounter . Within this book the authors illustrate and describe the many different projectile point types commonly found in the state of Georgia along with supporting information available from scientific and avocational investigations. These descriptions include known scientifically derived dates, available scientific sources, as well as measurements and photographs to demonstrate the nature of the different projectile point styles and their archaeological significance.

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